Course Information

Our two-day sailing course consists of two sessions each day tailored to the specific needs of the individual or group to progress and improve sailing ability. The nature of each session will depend on the student’s ability and selected course, but we always have majority of the time spent afloat, shore based theory and observed practice time.

The course can be run as a private session or as part of a group of students of similar ability. If you are doing an RYA sailing course you may progress through more than one level during this two-day course.

Please view the RYA syllabus here to help you decide which RYA course you wish to do:

We are able to offer the more advanced courses of Level 3, Seamanship Skills, Day Sailing and Spinnaker courses. As demand is not so great for these we do not schedule courses so please email us if you would like to do one of these.

To book a specific course please go to “Sailing Instruction” page or press back and select the relevant course.

Group sessions make for sociable sessions and a brilliant way to learn from each other. The group courses are run on set days on St. Mary’s and Tresco.

Timings of these course are generally: 10am-12pm and then 1pm-3:30pm depending on tides and conditions etc.

RYA log books and publications are not included but are available.

When booking please specify if you wish to complete/work towards an RYA certificate.

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Activity Specials

Our activity specials are tried and tested fun, adventure-filled and memorable moments on the water.