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We have a large range of sit-on top kayaks. These kayaks are incredibly stable and easy to use. With no enclosed cockpit there is no danger of entrapment should you capsize.  They are ideal for messing about just off the beach or on very calm days you can go further a field and explore. You need no previous experience to get a float on them and enjoy a day out on the water. If you are planning on paddling further a field then a little experience is necessary and a reasonable level of fitness.

We have a range of single and double seater kayaks with some that are capable of taking 2 adults and a small child. These are a great way to take your little one on the water for the first time.

We also have “peekaboos” single kayaks equipped with a glass viewing panel through the hull for exploring the world below as well! They are designed for one person but in calm conditions are great to take a toddler with you.

No previous experience is required to hire kayaks at The Sailing Centre, and they are generally for use in close proximity of our centres. Sit-on kayaks are available to be hired for longer periods and be delivered to other islands for use.

We also have a range of sea kayak shaped Sit on tops, RTM Tempo & Disco for more experienced paddlers to use.

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