Scilly is heaven for windsurfing. Sheltered bays of clean water with soft sand beaches and virtually no one else on the water makes the Isles of Scilly an excellent place to learn how to windsurf. For intermediate and advance windsurfers the conditions are amazing, blasting from island to island over crystal clear waters. Scilly offers a variety of conditions to sail, predominately bump and jump or flat-water speed sailing. When the conditions aren’t right to sail from our main centre we load up the ribs and head to the other islands to find the best conditions.

Like all of our watersports training and instruction, windsurfing lessons can be tailored to suit your individual needs. We have a flexible range of courses and lessons, including private one-to-one tuition, one or two hour sessions or group courses.

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Our activity specials are tried and tested fun, adventure-filled and memorable moments on the water.